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Trademark Application Process to be Simplified
From:Alibaba News Channel Input_time:9/16/2009 9:56:09 AM 


Trademark Application Process to be Simplified Chinese government will accelerate the process of amending the Trademark Law in order to help companies and individuals cut down on the time and paperwork required to obtain a trademark.
A senior government official said the amendment process will be stepped up to improve processing of trademark applications.
The pending amendment will be turned over to the State Council for review as soon as possible, said Zhou Bohua, SAIC Commissioner, at a meeting on promoting the awareness and protection of trademarks.
The law, initially promulgated in August 1982, has been amended twice.
SAIC first discussed a third amendment in 2003.
The amendment will simplify the procedures for filing trademark applications and accept electronic applications, SAIC announced at the meeting.
Under the current law, it could take two to three years for applicants to obtain a trademark, while the average lifespan of small- and medium-sized enterprises in the country is just several years, Guo Xiushen of the Expert Committee of the China Trademark Association told the Global Times.
The law stipulates a trademark application must pass through several institutions, which often delay the entire process, he said. No details were given about the timeline.
The pending amendment is also expected to strengthen protection of the exclusive right to use a trademark and will include details on geographic relevancy, said SAIC.

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