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Filing for Change of Name and Address of Registrant
From:chinatrademark.net Input_time:9/16/2009 2:42:34 AM 

When there is a need to change the name or address of the applicant or other items of its/his trademark registration or pending application, the applicant should file a request for change.


The Trademark Office requires that the applicant proceed with the change(s) in respect of all of its/his trademarks registered or pending in the P. R. China.Upon approval, the Trademark Office will issue relevant certificates to the applicant.


1.information of the registered trademark or pending application;
2.new name and/or address in both English and Chinese;
3.one Power of Attorney signed under the new name (company chop needed for Chinese entity applicant);
4.Supporting materials for the change of name of registrant (certified copy of name change issued by applicant's local government). Only one such document is required if change is to be recorded for numerous trademark registrations or pending applications for the same applicant.

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