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Filing for Trademark Assignment
From:chinatrademark.net Input_time:9/16/2009 2:41:10 AM 


The Chinese Trademark Office requires that the applicant for assignment recordation assigns all of its/his/her identical or similar registered or pending trademarks on identical or similar goods/services at the same time.

For recordation of the assignment, an application should be filed by both the assignor and assignee. The assignee should proceed with the assignment procedures.Upon approval, the Trademark Office will issue relevant certificate to the assignee.



1.information of trademark registration or pending application;
2.name and address of the assignor and assignee, and their Chinese translation;
3.one Power of Attorney signed by assignee (company chop needed for Chinese entity);
4.one Assignment Application Form for one registration or pending application signed by both assignor and assignee (if assignor or assignee is a Chinese entity, its company chop is required);
5.copy of assignee's personal identification card, or copy of assignee's business license for company or legal entity qualification certificate of association or other type organization (foreign company or organization does not need this document).
6.special supporting materials:

when the assignor is an entity and being merged or separated therefore its signature or company chop is no longer available, signature or company chop can be avoided but notarized or certified official merge or separation documents by local government is required.



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