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Customer Guide
Learn about the entire china trademark registration process.
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Like in most countries, according to the Trademark Law of China, foreign applicants are to register trademarks in China solely via agents firm.

The following is China trademark register program:

China Trademark Search

Before filing a trademark application, we normally recommend that some level of searching be conducted to determine if any similar trademark have been filed in China.

And also you can try search by youself: www.tmsearch.cn

(a) Specific information for search

 1.The trademark

 2.Name and class of the goods will be used, the goods or services must be identified (such as "jackets, olive oil ")

(b) ChinaTrademark.Net providing a Free Trademark Search

You are requested to fill up the form for requesting a Trademark Search or mail us.

China Trademark Application

(a) Specific information for application

 1.Name and address of the applicant, Both of Chinese and English

 2.Copy of legal entity qualification certificate of association or other type organization or copy of personal identification card;

 3.A clear electronic of the trademark, JPG or PDF format.

 4.A list of the goods or services.

(b) Examination of the application  

 1.Formality Examination, the trademark Office reviews the application to see if the documents are prepared and issue the Official Filing Receipt.Usually within one month.

 2.Substantive Examination, the trademark Office will initially approve the application if it meets the requirements of the Trademark Law, and publish the application at the Trademark Gazette.Usually within 10-12 month.

 3.Gazette Publishing,within 3 month.

China Trademark Registration

If no opposition, the registry will grant the application and issue the certificate.Usually within 1-2 month.

The time span from filing to obtaining a trademark will normally take approximately 12-16 months.

You are requested to fill up the form for requesting a Trademark Registration or mail us.

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