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What kinds of examination on trademark applications are adopted by the Trademark Office of China (CTMO) ?
CTMO adopts formality and substantive examination on the trademark applications.
Which signs shall not be used as trademarks ?
Provided by the Trademark Law, the following signs are not registrable.
Does China accept service marks used in respect of retail services ?
Is the Chinese equivalent of a foreign language mark advisable to be filed for registration ?
Chinese and a foreign language are easy for Chinese consumers to distinguish.
Who are the qualified foreign applicants for trademark registrations in China ?
Any foreigner or foreign enterprise intending to apply for the registration of a trademark in China shall file an application in accordance with an agreement concluded between the P. R. China and the country to which the applicant belongs.
Is multi-class trademark application accepted in China ?
How to claim priority when filing trademark application ?
Application in the following two situations.
What kind of remedies can be taken against trademark infringement ?
Where trademark infringement takes place.
Is it permissible for two or more applicants to jointly file a trademark application in China ?
Are there any requirements for use in China, for applied for trademarks and registered trademarks ?
There is no "use" requirement for trademarks applications.
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