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Filing for Trademark Registration
Trademark registration in China adopts examination system, a trademark should pass the procedures of formality examination and substantive examination.
Filing for Trademark Review
An applicant can file a review application at TRAB within 15 days upon receipt of rejection notice, opposition decision or cancellation decision.
Filing for Trademark Renewal
The protection term for a registered trademark is ten(10) years, calculated from the registration date. The protection term can be renewed.
Filing for Change of Name and Address of Registrant
The Trademark Office will issue relevant certificates to the applicant.
Filing for Trademark Assignment
The Trademark Office will issue relevant certificate to the assignee.
Filing for Recordal of Trademark License Contract
Trademark license contract should be signed when a trademark registrant licenses a third party to use its/his registered trademark.
Filing for Trademark Opposition
Any person may file an opposition in written form against the trademark which has been preliminarily approved and published within three months from the date of publication.
Filing for Trademark Dispute
A registered trademark, if it violates Articles 10, 11 and 12 (prohibition of registration), or its registration was acquired by fraud or any other unfair means, can be cancelled by the Trademark Office, a third party also can file a dispute adjudication application requesting TRAB to cancel the registration.
Cancellation Based on Three-year's Non-Use
if a registered trademark is not used in three consecutive years after registration, anyone can file cancellation application against it at the Chinese Trademark Office.
Reissuance of Registration Certificate
The Trademark Office will reissue a new trademark registration certificate.
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