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China Reduces Registration Fee for Trademarks from Oct 15, 2015
Shanghai's IP trade reached 9.987 billion yuan in 2009
It is disclosed by Shanghai United Assets
China Trademark Review Pendency Eases
The number of pending cases has dropped significantly in 2009
Application of Hangzhou City Logo go wider
Every world-class city has its attributes that make it distinctive
China owns most trademarks in the world By June 30, 2009
China's number of applications for trademark registration reached 6.77 million.
Trademark Application Process to be Simplified
cut down on the time and paperwork required to obtain a trademark in china.
EU-China IP Working Group Conference to be Held in Beijing
The 6th meeting of the EU-China IP Working Group will be held on 16 September.
The First Trial on " Tomato Garden" Internet Piracy Infringement Case Pronounced
The " Tomato Garden" Case.
WIPO-SIPO Advanced Workshop on IP Management held
The Advanced Workshop on Intellectual Property Management.
Wen Jiabao: Enterprises Should Change to Produce Independent IP Products
From August 22 to 24.
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